As the gig economy continues to grow, more and more people are looking for ways to supplement their income outside of their 9-to-5 job. One potential side hustle that has gained popularity in recent years is HVAC. While it may not seem like the most obvious choice for a side gig, the HVAC industry offers a range of opportunities that can be lucrative for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to learn the trade. In this article, we’ll explore the world of HVAC side hustles, including the different types of jobs available, the skills and certifications you’ll need to get started, and the potential income you could earn. So if you’re looking for a new way to make some extra cash, keep reading to find out if HVAC could be the right side hustle for you.

1. Introduction to HVAC as a potential side hustle

If you’re looking for a side hustle that can be both profitable and in high demand, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) could be a great option to consider. With the increasing need for HVAC services, offering your skills and knowledge as a side hustle can be a lucrative venture.

HVAC technicians perform a variety of tasks, including installing and repairing HVAC systems, inspecting and maintaining equipment, and providing recommendations for improving energy efficiency. As homes and businesses become more reliant on technology, the demand for HVAC services is only growing. This makes HVAC an attractive industry to tap into as a potential side hustle or even a full-time business.

Getting started in HVAC requires some training and certifications, but with the right education and experience, you can begin offering your services in no time. In the next sections, we’ll discuss how to get started, find clients, and manage your HVAC business alongside a full-time job.

2. How to get started with HVAC as a side hustle

If you are considering HVAC as a side hustle, there are some key steps you can take to get started.

1. Gain Basic Knowledge: To begin with, you’ll need a basic knowledge of HVAC systems, including their components, functions, and operations. This can be achieved through online courses, community college classes, or by shadowing an experienced HVAC technician.

2. Obtain Required Certifications: HVAC work is regulated, and you will need to obtain the required certifications before you can practice. You may need to pass an exam and meet some minimum experience requirements, depending on the state you work in. Becoming EPA certified is a good place to start.

3. Purchase Equipment and Tools: Once you have the education and certifications, you’ll need to purchase the necessary equipment and tools. While you won’t need to buy all the equipment at once, some essential tools for beginners include a multimeter, a refrigerant recovery machine, a vacuum pump, and a set of gauges.

4. Start Building Your Clientele: Once you have the knowledge, certifications, and equipment, you can begin to find clients. You can start by advertising your services on social media, flyers, and local classifieds. You can also network with local construction workers, property owners, and property management companies.

By following these steps, you can get started with HVAC as a side hustle, and build a profitable new career alongside your current job.

3. Finding HVAC clients and generating revenue

One of the biggest challenges for anyone starting a side hustle is finding clients. For HVAC, you can start by reaching out to your network, family, friends, and neighbors who may need your services. You can also advertise your services on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Nextdoor. Word of mouth can be a powerful tool to help you find new clients. In addition, you can use online contractor matching services like HomeAdvisor or Thumbtack to connect with potential clients in your area.

Another way to generate revenue is by offering maintenance services to existing HVAC clients. HVAC systems require regular maintenance to be efficient and save energy. You can offer seasonal tune-up services to ensure that your clients’ HVAC systems are running smoothly and may charge a flat yearly fee for these services.

Finally, offering emergency repair services can be a great way to generate extra income. Many people don’t have the technical know-how or equipment to repair their HVAC systems when they break down. If you can provide reliable and prompt emergency repair services, you can build a loyal customer base and earn extra cash.

List of Potential Clients:

  • Homeowners
  • Business owners
  • Rental property owners
  • Local contractors

Tip: Develop a referral program to incentivize existing clients to refer new business to you. You can offer a discount or reward for each new client they refer to you.

In summary, can be a challenging aspect of starting a side hustle. However, by leveraging your network, advertising online, offering maintenance services, and providing emergency repair services, you can build a solid client base and turn your HVAC side hustle into a sustainable business.

4. Tips for managing HVAC alongside a full-time job

Managing an HVAC side hustle while working a full-time job can be challenging, but with the right strategies, it can be done effectively. Here are some tips to help you successfully manage your HVAC side hustle while juggling your other responsibilities.

Set a Schedule

One of the most important things you need to do is set a schedule for your side hustle. Determine how many hours per week you can dedicate to your HVAC work and try to stick to that schedule as much as possible. Make sure to also schedule time for marketing, administrative tasks, and promotions.

Be Efficient

When you’re managing a side hustle and a full-time job, time is of the essence. That’s why it’s important to be as efficient as possible. Use software and tools that can help automate tasks such as scheduling appointments, generating invoices, and managing client accounts. Also, try to use your downtime during the day, like lunch breaks, to answer emails or make appointments.

Outsource When Necessary

If you find that you’re struggling to keep up with your HVAC work alongside your full-time job, it might be time to outsource some tasks. Consider hiring a virtual assistant to take care of administrative tasks or a part-time HVAC technician to help with repairs and installations. By outsourcing, you can focus on the tasks that generate revenue and grow your side hustle.

Managing your HVAC side hustle alongside a full-time job requires dedication, organization, and time management. By following these tips, you can manage both successfully and turn your side hustle into a profitable and successful business.

5. Growing your side hustle and turning it into a successful business

Starting an HVAC side hustle can be an excellent opportunity to create a steady stream of additional income. However, if you have aspirations of building a full-blown HVAC business, you need to focus on growing your side hustle and turn it into a successful venture.

Here are some tips to help you with that:

  • Market Your Business: Reaching new customers is key to growing your business. Advertise your services on social media channels and set up a website to help potential customers find you when they are searching online.
  • Expand Your Service Offerings: You can broaden your revenue by offering more services like routine maintenance, energy audits, duct cleaning, or geothermal services.
  • Invest in Better Tools and Equipment: The right tools are critical to providing high-quality service. Investing in newer, top-of-the-line equipment and tools can increase your productivity and save time.

As your business grows, you may also consider hiring a part-time or full-time assistant to help with the workload. This can free you up to focus on tasks that require your attention, like marketing, managing finances, and customer acquisition.

Keep in mind that expanding your HVAC side hustle into a full-time job requires dedication, hard work, and a willingness to take risks. While the benefits of owning your own business can be significant, there are also challenges and risks. As long as you remain focused, disciplined, and persistent, growing your HVAC side hustle can turn into a successful business venture.

6. The benefits and drawbacks of having HVAC as a side hustle

If you’re considering HVAC as a side hustle, it’s important to weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks before diving in. Here are some factors to consider:


  • Extra income: One of the primary benefits of having an HVAC side hustle is the potential for extra income. This can be especially helpful for those seeking to supplement their income or pay off debts.
  • Flexible schedule: As a side hustle, HVAC allows for a flexible schedule, which can be ideal for those with full-time jobs or other responsibilities. This flexibility allows individuals to take on as much or as little work as they are comfortable with.
  • Opportunity to gain skills: HVAC can also be an opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge. This can be particularly valuable for those interested in expanding their skill set or pursuing a career in HVAC.


  • Physical demands: HVAC work is physically demanding and can be challenging for those without experience or physical stamina. This can make it difficult to balance with a full-time job or other responsibilities.
  • Time commitment: Managing an HVAC side hustle can be time-consuming, requiring the individual to balance client work with other commitments. This can be a challenge for those with limited time or who struggle to manage their workload effectively.
  • Risk of liability: As an HVAC technician, there is always a risk of liability in the event of damage or injury to a client or their property. This risk can be mitigated through insurance, but it is still important to consider when starting an HVAC side hustle.

Overall, having an HVAC side hustle can be a great way to earn extra income and gain new skills. However, it’s important to weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks carefully before making a commitment. With the right approach and mindset, HVAC can be a rewarding and profitable side hustle for those willing to put in the effort.

7. Conclusion and next steps for exploring HVAC as a side hustle

Conclusion: HVAC is a promising and lucrative side hustle that offers excellent potential for growth. As we’ve seen, several individuals and small business owners have started with HVAC as a side gig and turned it into a thriving business. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you can make significant progress, generate revenue, and expand your client base.

Next Steps: If you’re interested in pursuing HVAC as a side hustle, the following steps will help you get started:

  1. Research: Start by researching the basics of HVAC, including the tools, equipment, and certifications required.
  2. Training: Enroll in a training program or apprenticeship to gain hands-on experience and certification.
  3. Generating Leads: Contact your network, advertise your services on community boards, and list your services on online directories.
  4. Building Your Brand: Invest in building a website, establishing a social media presence, and creating business cards to promote your brand.
  5. Managing Your Time:Prioritize your time between your full-time job and your side hustle, and manage your tasks effectively.
  6. Expanding Your Services: Consider expanding your services to include maintenance, repair, and installation to increase your revenue potential.

Remember that success in HVAC, as in any business endeavor, requires patience, hard work, and dedication. If you’re committed to building a successful side hustle, HVAC offers excellent opportunities to earn additional income and grow your skills and expertise.

People Also Ask:

1. Is it possible to make money on the side with HVAC work?

Yes, HVAC can be a profitable side hustle as it requires specialized skills and knowledge that many people do not possess. You can offer services such as maintenance, repair, and installation to homeowners and businesses in your spare time to make extra income.

2. Do I need a certification or license to do HVAC work on the side?

To legally do HVAC work, you need to be licensed or certified. Each state has its own requirements, so you need to familiarize yourself with your state’s regulations before offering services as a side hustle. Obtaining certification or licensure may require a significant investment of time and money.

3. How much can I realistically earn doing HVAC work on the side?

The amount you can earn doing HVAC work as a side hustle depends on factors such as your level of experience, the quality of your services, and the demand for HVAC services in your area. Some individuals earn a few hundred dollars a month while others earn thousands.

4. What tools and equipment do I need to start a side hustle in HVAC?

To start an HVAC side hustle, you need basic tools such as pliers, wire strippers, a multimeter, a wrench set, and a power drill. You may also need specific equipment such as gauges, vacuum pumps, and recovery machines. The cost of tools and equipment can add up quickly.

5. What are some tips for marketing my HVAC side hustle?

To market your HVAC side hustle, you can create a website, place ads in local newspapers or on social media, distribute flyers and business cards, and offer discounts to new customers. You can also ask satisfied customers for referrals.


In conclusion, HVAC can be a side hustle if you have the required skills, certifications, and equipment. It can be a profitable way to earn extra income, but it requires an investment of time and money. However, with dedication and a solid marketing strategy, you can grow your side hustle into a successful business.